Remote Teaching Bootcamp

The Tyto Remote Teaching Bootcamp curriculum reflects collected best practices for digitizing lesson plans, improving engagement, and multiplying communications. Our instructional team works through a checklist directly with the district to get agreement on a best practice framework. Then, we customize the bootcamp to assure all participants are receiving the same direction with the district’s seal of approval.  

When all of the district’s instructional staff is on the same page - staff, students, and parents all benefit!

We recognize different practices apply for different student populations which will be reflected in differentiated training for each of three instructional levels: elementary, middle school, and high school. Additionally, we offer two tracks so participants at each school can self-select whether they should attend the tech-savvy or non-technical bootcamp. Both tracks get the same lessons but at speeds appropriate for their comfort with technology. 

Our boot camp curricula will:

  • bring your teachers to the table, 
  • provide them with a district-wide best practice framework, 
  • ensure their technical fluency with district tools, and 
  • increase overall confidence as they tackle this new age of learning. 

Our goal is to help school districts better support instructional staff as they attempt to teach and engage in a completely new environment. We’ll meet that goal by developing and delivering a district approved best practice Remote Teaching framework.

Of note, although we are technical trainers at heart - Tyto is agnostic about educational technology. This means we’re completely vested in your team’s professional development rather than a specific technology, though we have the chops to mentor your team to best utilize the technology they have.